Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chicagp Public Schools Request P.E. Waiver...AGAIN!...REALLY????

Board of Education approves another P.E. waiver request

November 08, 2011|By Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah, Chicago Tribune reporter
Chicago's Board of Education approved a plan Wednesday to seek another two-year waiver for high school physical education requirements from the state.

The waivers absolve CPS from requiring juniors and seniors to take gym. Instead, the district can focus on getting students to complete their academic requirements to graduate.

While the longer school day next year will allow CPS to have more time to offer phys ed at the higher grades, officials have decide to hold off for this year. Principals, struggling to implement the new tougher Common Core curriculum standards and adding more instruction time, have enough on their plates, school officials said.

The state board of education requires daily phys ed but permits a district to excuse a student in the final two years of high school if they are in interscholastic programs or if they need to complete academic courses without which they cannot graduate.

The district does intend to eventually add phys ed requirements in the final two years of high school, said CPS Spokeswoman Becky Carroll.

Kasting Connections' Perspective:

REALLY????  They want to improve academic progress by eliminating the body out of the brain-body connection that continues to be researched and proven that there actually is a connection?  REALLY???  Cognitive skills grow with physical's proven...even if educators don't believe it to be true. 

I'm just too frustrated to say anything more...well...other than...REALLY????

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