Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Checklist for Developmental Milestones: Is Your Child Ready to Enter Kindergarten?

I've recently become aware of a nice site for parents to understand and check their child's early development progress in 8 developmental areas:
  1. Gross Motor Development
  2. Fine Motor Development
  3. Auditory Processing
  4. Visual Discrimination
  5. Letter and Word Awareness
  6. Phonemic Awareness
  7. Math and Number Awareness
  8. Social and Emotional Development
The site, School Sparks, breaks down each of the 8 developmental areas in more specific categories.  I encourage parents of young children to look at this site!  I also encourage parents of early elementary school students to check out the site if their child is struggling in school.  In may open your eyes as to the areas your child needs intervention!

Understand How Early Childhood Development in 8 Specific Areas is Critical to School Succes:

Assess Your Child's REadiness to Begin Kindergarten:

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