Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sensory Processing Disorder and the DSM V

Last Chance to Influence the DSM Decision

The last chance for inclusion of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in the DSM-5 has arrived.
The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has announced the third and final opportunity for public feedback.
The Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation is coordinating a final comment campaign to show the APA there is widespread, informed support for the inclusion of SPD in the revised Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5), to be published in 2013.
The deadline for commenting is JUNE 15, so please help us promote recognition of SPD by submitting a comment on the APA website even if you have done so in the past.
The SPD Foundation was advised by DSM staff members to submit only one subtype this time around. Therefore we selected Sensory Over-Responsivity to submit for inclusion. That is the subtype that has the most empirical support since the Scientific Work Group is focusing on that one SPD subtype.
Just to clarify as rumors are swirling! There are three possibilities for inclusion in the DSM. We likely will not be included as a separate new diagnostic category. The second way is to be included as a characteristic under another category. We likely will be included as one of several criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Having hyper and hypo sensory responsivity included as associated features in Autistic Spectrum Disorders is a big step indeed and one we have been working toward for a decade! However, it does not satisfy the urgent need to have SPD recognized as a disorder in its own right.
The third way to be included is as a novel diagnosis in need of research, and this last option is what we have been working toward since this initiative began in 1995.
To make commenting as simple as possible, we have created a web page that includes instructions for reaching the comment area of the APA site. You’ll also find topic suggestions/sample language for different groups of supporters (parents, OTs, physicians, diagnosticians, etc.) based on what we know the APA is considering in their final deliberations.
Use our ideas or use your own - it doesn't matter. What matters is commenting. The most persuasive comments will be the ones that provide concrete, evidence-based information and/or observation based on your own personal or clinical experience.
And please help us pass the word! Forward this message and/or the link to our comment page to colleagues, physicians (especially important!), family, teachers, clients, friends - anyone in a position to make an informed comment on the value of recognizing Sensory Processing Disorder in the DSM-5. If you have a website, blog, or social networking page, those are great places to get the word out, too. The more people who comment supportively, the better.
Support the movement to get Sensory Processing Disorder included in the DSM-5. Post your comments today. This is our last chance to be included in the DSM until 2025!
With thanks and warmest personal regards,
Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR
Founder and Executive Director
Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation
PS – Donations support the DSM-5 campaign, too. To make a donation of any size to the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation, click here and donate now.

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