Monday, July 25, 2011

Food Colorings in major restaurant chain's pastries can be harmful to children.

Taken From Men's Health Online

16 Restaurant Industry Secrets

We scrambled behind the counters, dug under the drive-thrus, and plunged into the
deep fryers to find out what's really going into our meals

#11.  Panera Bread
...doesn't want you to know that the synthetic food colorings in its pastries have
 been linked to irritability, restlessness, and sleep disturbances in children. And
British researchers found that artificial food colorings and preservatives in the
diets of 3-year-olds caused an increase in hyperactive behavior. (The same
ingredients appear in fast-food items like mayonnaise, M&M Blizzards, and
McDonald's shakes.) To its credit, Chipotle uses no artificial colorings or flavorings.

July 2008 Update: On Panera's Web site, you can track down calories, fat, sugar,
 and other nutritional numbers. If you look hard enough you'll find ingredient
lists, too—and note that a few items still contain artificial coloring. Disappointing.
Kasting Connections' Comment

I didn't check Panera's website to see if the artificial coloring is still found in
their pasteries, but I do know for sure that food coloring has been linked to
 many side effects in children like irritability, sleeplessness, hyperactivity,
 etc.  Here is a collection of some of the articles that I was able to read
regarding the subject.  It appears that the more neurologically sensitive
a child is, the more sensitive he or she is to food coloring.  Buyer beware! 
Read the labels, look for natural food colorings...
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